My Preferred Languages

today those are the programming languages that I use more:

  • VIML for my editor
  • Ruby for website and managing with database relational: MySql and Postgres
  • Node.js for real-time or high traffic websites/apps
  • Stylus to write my CSS
  • Slim or Jade to write my html
  • Coffee Script to write javascript
  • RubyMotion/MacRuby and Object-C to develop native OSX/iOS applications


I strongly believe VIM is the best editor for whom wonts to develop, maybe is not prompt as SublimeText or the good dated TextMate, but considering the time we can gain coding in VIM and the fantastic support for plugins and syntaxes really well done; I would consider this as the best.

Some others coders prefer to use MacVIM and I personally don't understand this choise, because one of the best thing about VIM is from its integration within console.

For example: :!git commit could seriously madden your gvim

With few and simple tricks its possible to use just the mouse (if any here would use it), share the clipboard with the system one...


I worked with Ruby since earlier days and I hardly believe that it is definitely the best language ever. Sure it is not yet perfect, it is semi perfect :), but from 1.9 to 2.0 it improves a lot.

There is a fundamental observation to make, because it is a mistake under my point of view that anyone try to find lost performances in previous release and a support for a good multithreading or multiprocessing.

I'm aware for such things there are proper languages: Node, Erlang or Scala...

So if it would be possible to avoid to run in terms of RAM at least 100 MB for a Rails app. it could be the perfect language, perfect in its field.

Node: Fast and mmm

It could be not right but I think that Node it is not fast

API are really precise, concise and well structured, maybe too much minimal, but I can tell that the big problem in this case is Javascript.

I like Javascript, I always used it, but like me much more people in the Node world find bad npm modules: incorrect or even tricky abbandonware.

Another important thing is that callback by callback Node becomes unreadable, although it has been solved partially by Ice Coffee or some great lib like Async

Obviously there are several useful tools as techniques of series, waterfall or the parallel processing.

Actually few coders use it, and when they do, the code is really simple and clean to read.

Stylus, Jade, Slim and Coffee

I believe that those are the syntax for the futire, as Ruby is the language for the future. I worked as manager and coordinator in team work and I'm aware that time is money and the more fast we can write code avoiding error and repetitions as function(){} the better it is.

It could be the way to create light applications, with better performances, more readable, and in really short time.

I chose those among of the myriad of alternatives but basically they are all similar for syntax, which is very Ruby oriented.

What do you think about it?