I'm a developer specialized in Ruby, Rails, Sinatra, Padrino, Html, JS and related technologies. I'm an experienced programmer coding since I was 8 years old. My passion is developing applications, websites and understanding everything about the world where we live. You can know moreabout me.


During years I focused my interest in programming with new but stable technologies. I always try to find new tools to program my websites, applications, frameworks, scripts etc...

I really love the computer-science world so I constantly need to learn new cool things.

I'm a design devote, but not a great designer, IMHO. For that reason I like to brainstorm with creativity guys with. I always try to steal talent!


Currently I'm using: Ruby, Node.js, Object-C/MacRuby

You can check some interesting projects (so you can know how I code):

I suggest to take a look at more detailed page.


  • Ruby on Rails: which I used to build something like 20+ web-sites and few big applications
  • Padrino: which I used to build 30+ web-sites and some big applications
  • Express: which I used to make experiments
  • Sinatra: which I used to build some web services
  • Django: which I used to learn how to build a web administration panel


As mentioned in languages section I felt good with coffee script. I embraced require js though I prefer some simpler ways like stitch.

In my experience I worked with:

  • Prototype: before JQuery revolution ;)
  • JQuery: I'm using it in all websites, web-application etc...
  • JQuery UI: used for some admin interfaces but only with the awesome Aristo Theme
  • ExtJS: used in past (versions 2+/3+) so much to build very complex administration panels
  • Mootools: just for few things only experiments with widget i.e.: gallery, carousel etc...
  • Backbone: I'm new here I tried It a bit for fun and learn.
  • Ember.js: only tested in a project that I converted back in Backbone.

Operating System

I'm using only macintosh since 90' for everyday work/fun. I've also a great experience in linux system administration that involve:

  • Setup from scratch a RedHat based distribution (like centos)
  • Setup nginx with virtual host and some nice caching patterns
  • Setup git repos with auth keys hooks (like github), from scratch without gitosis
  • Setup simple firewall rulez with & co.
  • Setup the perfect hosting system for ruby apps.
  • Setup mysql with circular replication
  • Performance analysis (ram for passenger etc...)
  • Backups on amazon s3 with duplicity or when it doesn't fit I've written my own tools
  • Finally sendmail, logrotate, logwatch etc...

Currently I own 5 servers (not virtual with at least 12gb of ram each):

  • 1 that act as a proxy server
  • 3 for mysql (with circular replication) + web hosting
  • 1 for small projects + workers of other servers.

Due to my obsession I built some tools for a full control of my servers:

  • Do: my capistrano way to manage multiple servers at once.
  • Foreverb: a small daemon framework, with logging, error handler, scheduling...


You can see some of my works at my web sites and projects.

I built most of them with:

  • Stylus: for css
  • Coffee: for js
  • Haml/Slim/Jade: for html5
  • Ruby (Rails/Padrino/Sinatra): as framework

Generally I also follow some best practices:

All shaked up with a custom Makefile. I prefer old school :D.


I played a lot with MySql, I used a bit Postgresql and some non-relational dbms:

  • Redis
  • MongoDB
  • CouchDB

What I can say here is that I was excited for Redis and MongoDB at the moment I use Redis only as a caching mechanism and MongoDB for some experiments like (sources available here)

Coding Style

I think coding is an art so I try to follow and cooperate as much as I can following rights guides:


Currently (from at least 4 years) I'm in love with vim, I use it from my iTerm. Since I try to use terminal for everything I've released my dotfiles and my tomorrow theme version


2004-2005 • IRPE • Software Advisor

It was the very first job in a company I aver accepted as Software Sales. IRPE established in Varese. It was a lead multinational Italian company in informatics multi-services. One of the reason I accepted the job, a part from the good salary, was the fact they were the first company to import Apple computers.

It was historical for me, I really liked that job, and I got the chance to work with important clients and customer:

I met important people there and I never going to be enough thankful with Laura Baratella to have trained, formed and addressed me in the right direction in a such environment where I was working, full of professional and competitive people.

2005-2006 • Europ Assistance (Generali Group) • Software Engineer

IRPE started to get some financial problems and situation at work got worst month by month. I quit the job and start another experience at Europ Assistance as .net programmer (but pleas don't tell it around) on complex systems about call center for customers like:

2006-2012 • LipsiaSOFT • Software Engineer

During 2006, thanks to a lucky meeting with a guy met on my forum on vbulletin, Stefano Ramponi, we co-founded a successful web agency

Here is the particular reason why I decided to start my own business and co-founding my first company. During my job experiences I noticed companies in Italy were in late on new technologies and programming field, meanwhile the market started to develop new programming languages as for example Ruby. As long as development and programming would have kept on Java or PHP it was still fair enough, but in Italy during 2005 companies stuck still on visual basic or I love new technologies and new programming way, I would work with this and I decided that was time to start my own company.

LipsiaSOFT was one of the really fist company in Italy to use exclusively Apple Computers and was the really first to use the new programming language Ruby and obviously Rails.

At LipsiaSOFT a part from developing tens of hundreds web site, that you can see here and here, I personally give lots of contributions developing tens of plugins Rails.

The most famous among of those:

Afterword I really not appreciated the merge of Merb with Rails, though I decided in collaboration with other guys to develop a new brand framework we called Padrino, which use much less RAM rather than Rails giving a busting to the performances, more or less 4x times faster.

More references are at the page why and obviously bench

20011 • MISO • Consultant

Thanks to Padrino Framework I met one of my best friend Nathan Esquenazi, and thanks to him I got an amazing chance to work and live in the city that I personally define my home, to San Francisco.

I worked in that amazing city for 1 month as coder consulting at miso, a start up which got founding from Google Venture Capitals.

During that last experience I understood USA was my place, and San Francisco was the right city for me, full of programmers, coding camp, bar camp, conference every where.

San Francisco definitely is the place where I want to leave and work.


Today 2012-08-01 I make my exit from the company I co-founded LipsiaSOFT because it's time to come back home, to SF I mean.