My projects

Here you can find some opensource projects and some of my most important works.

Instead if you want give a glance to all the website I did and I at least remember I did, you can watch my web sites

  • GoTask - Client for Gmail Tasks

    Written in: object-c, ruby
    GoTask - Client for Gmail Tasks

    GoTasks is the most useful simple and clean interface for your Google Tasks.

    • System Status Bar Integration
    • Launch DockLess
    • Two Layouts, Minimal and Canvas for multiple lists.
    • Visible on all spaces (without switch)
    • Lion Full Screen Support (only if you don't run app dockless)
    • Google Domains support
    • Separate Cookie session from your browser
    • Correctly opens links in your default browser
    • Correctly print your tasks

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  • Padrino Framework

    Written in: Ruby
    Padrino Framework

    Padrino is a project born several years ago, through a collaboration with Nathan Esquenazi and Arthur Chiu.

    It is a framework based on Sinatra to improve dramatically the website and application development.

    I worked for:

    • Core
    • Logger
    • Admin Interface
    • Maintainer

    I'm still working on this project because the community of ruby programmers is showing an high interest. It allowed me to improve me skills as coder ad as coordinator in a competitive and exigent environment.

  • Foreverb, daemons and parallel processing for everyone

    Written in: ruby, bash
    Foreverb, daemons and parallel processing for everyone

    Foreverb is a scheduler daemon for your processes. Something like cron but much more ruby oriented with an awesome semantic.

    • easily watch the process (memory, cpu)
    • easily manage exceptions
    • easily see logs
    • easily start/stop/restart all your daemons
    • non-blocking jobs
    • non-blocking queue
    • parallel processing (fork or thread)
  • MiniRecord, ActiveRecord Awesome

    Written in: ruby
    MiniRecord, ActiveRecord Awesome

    MiniRecord is a micro extension for our ActiveRecord friend. With MiniRecord you can add the ability to create columns outside schema.rb, directly in your model in a similar way that DataMapper, MongoMapper or MongoID does.

    During years I understand that for simple websites, web-services or rapid prototyping a simple and secure (with autoupgrade) way is more comfortable than weird migrations.

    Relax, keep it simple: my life motive :D

  • DO: the thin framework for servers

    Written in: ruby, bash
    DO: the thin framework for servers

    DO is a thin framework useful to manage remote servers through ssh.


    • easy creation of my recipes
    • see perfectly what's happening on my remote servers
    • highly focus on smart actions, upload, download, sudo, replace.
    • easily manage more than one server at same time
    • a use same syntax to manage local tasks

    • DO* is a fun mix of capistrano, rake, thor and brew.

    With DO you are be able to do easily common task on your local or remote machine.