About me

Hey there, this is Davide D'Agostino, born in Italy, in November, 9 of 1983.

Olivetti Prodest PC128

I have been passionate about coding since I was 8. In the really early day I was incredibly annoying my uncle to get his PC-128, and from there I moved my fist steps in coding world, provided with a Basic manual, which I studied as it was a bible for me.

I struggled reading that book about basic because first it was about coding, which was the first time I ever seen, and even because it was in English, a language I actually never though it was existing before then.

My self-studies about English and basic have been one of the most important reason I felt in love with United States of America. During that time we got in Italy a lead computing company named Olivetti, and I early understood the importance of computing and coding, and that the very big development of it would have happened in US.

Amiga 1000

Meanwhile it was ramping up the success of commodore 64 I was much more oriented to get the amazing Amiga 500 which with its workbench) was revolutionary and historical much more then Mac OS or Windows 3.11. IMHO.

After my training time through the using of Amiga 500, 600 and 1200 I started to get more involved into PC world, creating something much more oriented on coding and web.

It was in the early 90es when my school tried to develop and seed with a local company a project about web-radio, partially made in multicast part in broadcast.

It was one of the very first experiment in the world about developing contents on demand. It was historical and anticipated years before the way the web radio and tv got success in content delivering in our modern time, thanks to modern speed broadcasting service.

I gratuated in 2002 at ITC Gino Zappa as technical commercial expert and programmer.

Despite Italy has been a lead country in computing field in the really early years, it didn't keep its leadership meanwhile everything was moving and developing so fast in America. Lack of important university center in Italy about programming and coding pushed me to be a self-educated young programmer.

During high school I was more involved to study and develop specific programming languages rather than school subjects. So I self-studied:

  • PHP
  • .NET
  • Java
  • C, C++

PHP became soon my multi tool language to play with the web. I soon got pretty interested in vbulletin forums. Unwillingly I developed for windows platforms, despite my love for linux (I was/I'm a Redhat fun), I must programming and creating desktop application in vb, C# and Java, although Java's support for gui was not good at all.

Java was and still is a language to develop application for multi-platforms but who has knowledge with the matter knows perfectly how difficult was to develop something good enough for all the OS.

Different was for C/C++ and Assembler. I used both to hack (I'm sure I shouldn't say it) pay-tv decoder's PIC or to create little keyloggers that got so famous to have the honour of being in lead antivirus company's list. I beg pardon but I was just 13.