Cool CSS with Stylus

Is a couple of years that I'm looking for a new language to write my css. Since I'm a rubyist and an haml lover I've tried sass but wasn't love, no really know know why, the only thing that I can admit is that I don't love the syntax.

I've tried also others popular (in the ruby world) languages like less.

Finally looking in the new cool node.js land I discovered stylus.

My right choice!

Foreverb 0.1.8 with scheduler support!

I updated foreverb with a scheduler support for repetitive tasks.

every 3.seconds do
  puts "Every three seconds, long task"
  sleep 10

every, :at => "18:30" do
  puts "Every day at 18:30"

Full example is here

Check updated docs. Feel free to fork it and apply your changes.

Visit the archives!